The Moose Milers are a loosely knit group of runners from all over New England who share a love of running. We train alone and in small groups, but we meet many times each year at races throughout New England. We share in the joy of our chosen sport and look forward to seeing the running moose of teammates in unexpected places and races. Many of us were intimidated by the idea of a running club and welcome the low key, casual vibe of the Moose Milers. A few of us have caught the spark of team competition and race for other clubs throughout New England, but most of us are in it just for the Joy of the Run. See you on the roads and trails...

Snowshoe Season Finally Here!!! Tuesday & Thursday Nights Await!!!

Dion Snowshoes is now offering a discount to all Moose Milers Running Club members: 15% off for On-Line orders and 20% off for Email orders (send in a check). Use Coupon Code TEAM for on line orders or mention you are a member of the Moose Milers Running Club for email orders.

Membership in the Moose Milers is open to all runners, walkers, and snowshoers throughout New England. There is a one time membership fee of $10.00 --- no renewals ever --- you are a member for life. Membership includes a cool Moose Milers Running Hat shipped to you. Members will also have the opportunity to purchase Moose Milers singlets, shorts, and jackets in the future AND will receive $2.00 off the entry fee to all 3C Race Productions events.

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